Bask in the Irish Language and Irish Heritage
Traditional Music
Immerse yourself in Live traditional music onboard and experience the unique sounds traditional Irish instruments along with the sounds of Galway Bay
Local Folklore
Enjoy onboard Irish storytelling of traditional beliefs and local customs
Maritime History
Enjoy unique insights into Galway Docks, The Bay, Landmarks and The Nautical History of the Bay

completely unique Galway Bay Tours experience

A sensation like no other, cruising Galway Bay has a rhythm all of its own. Experience the thrill of exploring the very edge of Ireland with our Galway Bay and Aran Island tours.

Take in the unspoiled landscape and shores teeming with life along the wild Atlantic coast. Here, you will discover breathtaking views of Gleninagh Castle, Black Head Lighthouse and Martello towers, with the Aran Islands on the horizon, and watch the ever-changing light sweep across the Burren.

Lose yourself in the nautical legacy and local lore as the native crew share stories of a time long past. Reflect on the vibrant maritime history, back to a time when trade vessels crowded na Chaoláire, (where Galway bay narrows), making the waves barely visible amongst the red sails that stretched across the bay and beyond the islands.

Enjoy light refreshments and a family-friendly performance of traditional Irish music provided by the crew, you are welcome to join in if you can!

A man with a flat cap is playing a fiddle on the Galway Girl Cruises boat. Galway Girl Cruises operates daily Galway Bay tours.

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Scenic views, rugged landscape, marine life and the magnificent Wild Atlantic Way.
See it all on our regular service – 3 sailings a day departing from Galway Docks. Our Galway Bay Tours are truly an exceptional experience.

The bays

The wildness of the Galway coast reflects the very forces that have shaped it over millennia.

Galway Bay was originally known as Lough Lurgan (Loch Lurgain), back at a time when there were only three significant lakes on the island of Ireland. Loch Lurgan was a large lake between West Connaught and the County of Clare, and it was separated from the Atlantic Ocean by strong banks, until the Atlantic burst these banks, flooding everything but the three Aran Islands.

Modern day coastal explorers can join the Galway Girl Cruises crew onboard and set sail from the mouth of the Corrib, the fastest flowing river in Europe. From there, cruise past Nimmo’s Pier and the Claddagh into the expanse of Galway Bay and experience the thrill of leaving the edge of Ireland.

The crew will point out the landmarks and coastal markers of interest including the Leverets, Martello Towers, seal colonies and more as we make our way to South Sound (An Súnda ó Theas), also known as Bealach na Finnise, between Inisheer/ Inis Oírr and County Clare.


A huge dark rock on the shores of the Galway Bay. Galway Girl Cruises operates daily Galway Bay tours.

Experience Galway Bay

Feel the beating heart of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, a timeless place where Irish language, traditions and vibrant culture are cherished ​

Ceoil agus Craic

Get your feet tapping and heart racing with a trad session onboard, played in natural rhythm to the monghar or roar of the ocean

A book and and a bouquet of purple flowers on a desk

sin scéal eile

If these waters could talk… Hear the stories and maritime misadventures of the Galway coast, passed down through generations

Galway Hooker boats sailing on the Galway Bay waters

Seafaring Legacy

Join 3rd generation fishermen Patrick and Tommy onboard the Galway Girl and set sail on a voyage of cultural discovery and spectacular scenery

Playful seagull looking to the camera in a goofy way

Happy Travellers

We thrive to make every trip a unique experience. Hear it from some of our precious guests. We love that they alway have an amazing Galway Bay tour! 

Angelica Dwayne

Detroit ,USA

One of the greatest experiences we had in our Ireland trip! Simply superb! Tommy and Patrick went above and beyond.

Ewdard N. Teach

Munich, Germany

The friendly and knowledgable crew made us feel welcome. We learned a lot while enjoying the magnificent vistas of Galway Bay.

Angelica Dwayne

Los Angeles, USA

All you need for a fantastic day out! We had lots of Irish "craic"!, enjoyed lovely music and saw dolphins!

A dolphin is jumping our of the water in a playful way in the Galway Bay waters. Galway Girl Cruises operates daily Galway Bay tours.
A heron sitting on the waterfronts of Galway Docks. Galway's Long Walk is visible afar

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