The Cruise

Surrender to that timeless place

“When you travel by road, you are going from A to B, you know the destination, having traveled it before. But when you are on the water, there is a sense of traveling into the unknown. You don’t know what’s out there and what you are likely to see. You could see anything from birds and seals or dolphins, to minke whales and even huge pilot whales. The conditions are never the same. The light and the wind conditions make every day and every trip different. It is ever-changing and that’s part of the adventure.” Tommy Connolly

A sensation like no other

Experience the thrill of exploring the very edge of Ireland.

A sensation like no other, cruising Galway Bay has a rhythm all of its own. Experience the thrill of exploring the very edge of Ireland. Take in the unspoiled landscape and shores teeming with life along the wild Atlantic coast. Here, you will discover breathtaking views of Gleninagh Castle, Black Head Lighthouse and Martello towers, with the Aran Islands on the horizon, and watch the ever-changing light sweep across the Burren.

Lose yourself in the nautical legacy and local lore as the native crew share stories of a time long past. Reflect on the vibrant maritime history, back to a time when trade vessels crowded na Chaoláire (where Galway bay narrows), making the waves barely visible amongst the red sails that stretched across the bay and beyond the islands.

Enjoy light refreshments and a family-friendly performance of traditional Irish music provided by the crew, you are welcome to join in if you can!

Join us onboard and explore Galway Bay