Our Boat

Legend has it that every sea-faring vessel is recorded by name in the ‘Ledger of the Deep’ and is personally known to the gods of the sea. 

The Galway Girl Boat is no exception!

Gods of the Sea: Under ancient Greek mythology, this is Poseidon; Neptune under Roman mythology; or indeed Manannán mac Lir, ‘Son of the Sea’ is the Irish sea god who ruled an island paradise and protected sailors. 

Becoming Galway Girl

The Galway Girl, originally named Les deux léopards, meaning The Two Leopards.

This 24-metre steel vessel was built in Saint-Malo, France in 1967. Saint-Malo, similar to Galway, is a walled city with a long history of piracy, sea-faring adventures and misadventures.

Like all journeys of becoming, this 170-passenger vessel has undergone many changes. It was known for a time as Belle du Cap, meaning The Beautiful Cape, and Corsaire d’Emeraude, meaning Pirate of the Emerald Coast, before undergoing a complete upgrade in recent times and becoming Galway Girl.

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