a Galway Hooker boat sailing in the blue waters of Galway Bay on a cloudy day during a Galway Girl Cruises tour.

Galway Bay Day Tour

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  • 90 minutes
  • Up to 170 People
  • Galway Bay
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Surrender to that timeless place

Enjoy a fun-filled 90-minute cruise around Galway Bay. Our Galway Bay Day tour departing daily from the historical Port of Galway.

A sensation like no other, cruising Galway Bay has a rhythm all of its own. Experience the thrill of exploring the very edge of Ireland.

Take in the unspoiled landscape and shores teeming with life along the wild Atlantic coast. Here, you will discover breathtaking views of Gleninagh Castle, Black Head Lighthouse and Martello towers, with the Aran Islands on the horizon, and watch the ever-changing light sweep across the Burren.

Lose yourself in the nautical legacy and local lore as the native crew share stories of a time long past. Reflect on the vibrant maritime history, back to a time when trade vessels crowded na Chaoláire [where Galway bay narrows], making the waves barely visible amongst the red sails that stretched across the bay and beyond the islands.

Enjoy light refreshments and live commentary onboard as you take in the scenic views of Galway Bay and the Clare coast, while watching for local wildlife and sealife. And be sure to watch the waters closely… In Summer 2021, a team of marine biologists filmed a 4-metre, prehistoric looking shark off the County Clare coast, which was later identified as a giant sixgill shark.

Look forward to a family-friendly performance of traditional Irish music provided by the crew, you are welcome to join in if you can!

"You will learn about Galway Bay's rich history - from wool trading to whiskey smuggling - from passionate locals who tell the stories like no other, having grown up with them. There is no better way to get a true sense of the history and culture of Galway than being out on the water and hearing the tales for yourself."


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“It’s like an aquatic Jurassic Park out there! Ireland is the gateway to the Atlantic and we are increasingly amazed at how important Irish waters seem to be for these huge shark and ray species. It means we in Ireland have a responsibility to look after them.”

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